Saturday, 9 April 2016

One of those Days

So woke up this morning and the sun was shining and a beautiful spring day.  On Saturday my daughter and usually take a walk to the library and get some new books and then let our day unfold from there.

I bought my daughter a second hand bicycle the other day and thought it was about time I do because she is now 5 and I learnt to ride a bicycle without training wheels on when I was six.  I remember the day clearly when my Dad took my wheels off and I had to learn to balance. 

Anyway, so after going to the library my daughter asks if she can go and ride her bicycle to which I respond maybe.  I saw our neighbour on the way back and asked her if she knew of anywhere where I could take her to ride her bicycle.  She gave me a list of a few places and so I decided that we would go out and I would let my daughter ride her bike.

Immediately after I see where I was going to be going the thought pops into my head, I so wish my hubby was with us and could come with.  I then feel an immense sadness come over me and think of how much nicer it would be to go out as a family.  It one of those feelings that just eats a person's heart up.

With my brave face on I take my daughter bicycle out of the house and walk to the car with it.  Just as I go to open up the boot of the car I see a feather.  My mine immediately points put to me that my hubby is here with us and will be with us but not physically and rather just spiritually.  It eased the pain a little but still emotional.

While walking around there were a ton of couples and families walking around and the sadness just took over again but I tried to stay as upbeat as possible for my daughters sake.  She had fun and thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Another day done and another day missing my dearest husband.

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