Saturday, 9 January 2016

Cherub Angel Cards for Children

My daughter lost her Daddy when she was only 18 months of age.  She obviously cannot remember losing him and also cannot remember him at all.  Over the last 3 and a half years I have made the most effort to keep his spirit alive and I always tell her that her Daddy is here with us, we may not see him but he can see us and that he loves us very much.  Whenever I have seen a feather while walking with my daughter I have said it was a message sent from heaven by the Angels and as a result, whenever she sees a feather she points it out and says it's from her Daddy.  Once my daughter got a bit older she started to question where Daddy was more and then question where heaven was which can be a very difficult question to answer. 

Today I received a book that a friend of mine had recommended and this book was fantastic.  My faith is in God and the Angels and I have tried to explain the best I could to my young daughter.  If anyone is in the same situation as I am or even just discussing God and the Angels with your young ones and they begin asking questions then I can highly recommend the book, "Thank you, Angel by Doreen Virtue with Kristin Tracy."

I have also found that keeping a photo of my late husband next to her bed and telling her to talk to her Daddy was a good idea, this has let her know that her Daddy is here with us all the time and that she can talk to him anytime.

My friend also suggested another little gem and this gem is the Cherub Angel Cards for Children by Doreen Virtue.  I have many of Doreens pack of cards myself but I was totally taken back at how adorable, sweet and gentle these cards are.  Tonight my 5 year old daughter chose a card and the card she chose was just so amazing.  The card she chose was, "Listen Closely and You'll Hear Messages." Like the adult cards it comes with a little guidebook on each card.  I had previously used the "Angel Cards for Children by Diana Cooper" however these cards are a little large for tiny hands and will perhaps serve my daughter better when she gets a bit older.
So I highly recommend both the book and the cards by Doreen Virtue, we shall be choosing a card every night before my daughter goes to sleep.

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