Thursday, 21 January 2016

Messages from Above

I have tried to find the correct way to write this blog post and no matter which way I put it, it makes me sound like a crazy person that needs to be committed to a mental institution.  So let us get to it then and you can tell the men in white to come and collect me.  I have always been a believer that there is an afterlife when our life on earth is complete, of course like so many of us I have read books, watched programs and have had discussions with others about this topic at great length. 

During my life I have had very strange things happen to me which I just find no explanation for and if I was to go into details then this post would become very long and you would probably lose interest, perhaps you wouldn't but I will spare you all the details.  My main focus here in discussing what I have experienced since my husband passed over to the other side.  

One of the first things that happened to me which I didn't really pay much attention to at the beginning was a pure white moth that I found on my bed.  I had never really seen a pure white moth before so I was actually fascinated by this and stared at it for quite some time.  Later that day I saw this moth still on my bed and when I went to touch it, it was dead.  It got me thinking and thought I'd just google white moth with no intention on the search and as I began typing the words white moth I saw symbolic meaning so I clicked on that for the search.  What I saw next was just confirmation that this was perhaps a message, perhaps it was just random, who knows, I told you that you were going to think of me as crazy.  So there it was written, "In superstition: A white moth is said to embody the soul of a loved one.  White being the symbolic color of purity of the soul, and the embodiment comes from an ancient idea that the night (realm of the moth) is a dwelling place for souls (in terms of the Underworld or Otherworld).   My immediate reaction was that my husband had visited me in moth form.  

After this event I started to come across many moths of all different shapes and sizes and while we did get a lot of moths where I was living I could never remember seeing so many in so many different shapes and forms.  It kind of became a hobby for me and instantly thought of my husband when seeing a moth. 

I later decided to get a tattoo to remember my husband by and could not think of what to get but it had to be something to symbolise our feelings and love for one another.  As I was searching Pinterest I came across 2 hearts intertwined together into an infinity sign.  I immediately knew that this was the tattoo I wanted to get, to me this meant that one heart was my husbands and the other mine and we would be intertwined together for infinity.  One day I pulled out a ring to show someone that my husband had given to me on a balloon ride we had taken before getting married.  I explained to this person that my husband had given it to me as a promise ring.  As I started to look at the ring a bit closer I than twigged that this ring was exactly the same as the tattoo I had got done of my back.  It was 2 hearts on either side of a diamond and he had explained at the time that one heart was him and the other heart was me and that one day we would come together as one which was represented by the diamond in the middle.  I had never noticed the infinity shape in this ring before so when I did I was literally shocked.  As I was thinking of writing this blog I was looking at this ring and just counted the diamonds in it, there are 7.  

Just before Christmas I texted my good friend and told her that I had to find out what the number 7 symbolised because I am surrounded in 7s which I hadn't really realised before but for whatever reason on this day I just thought, why am I forever seeing the number 7.  When I started to look at this more closely I realised that my house number was 7, my registration plate has the number 7 in it, my national insurance number has many 7's in it, my phone number has 7's, and the ring I was given by my husband has 7 diamonds in it.  If you look at what Doreen Virtue writes, she says, "You're on the right path, keep going forward in the direction you're heading."   I am forever questioning my decisions and whether they are the right ones and this was kind of a confirmation to me that I was on the right path and that I must keep going as much as I want to give up sometimes.

This has been my experiences.  I would love to hear if you have had any experiences or if you know anyone that has had things happen that they just cannot explain.  Sometimes these things can just be accidents but sometimes I do believe that these things are sent to us for a reason.  You'll have to find the number for the white coats yourself. :o)

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